The frequent use of Family Guy`s jokes and satire has been controversial. Controversial jokes are often found in Cutaway`s gags. In the episode "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire," for example, Peter and a Barbershop quartet sing and dance around a man`s bed with AIDS. The broadcast of this episode gave rise to immediate counter-reactions. The incision angered the public and sparked protests from several AIDS organizations. [2] In his 2006 book The Decency Wars: The Campaign to Cleanse American Culture, author Frederick S. Lane described Family Guy as one of many television sitcoms he believed were "focused on the darker side of family life." [3] The latest video of The Guy Family of Screen Rant - at the top of this post - brings together 20 of the most epic fights the series has created. There are several cases where griffin family members have shot each other, such as Meg, who beat Peter up after going to jail, Stewie injured Brian and the very popular Stewie vs. Lois Combat. But some of the best are when Family Guy gets more creative with his opponents. The show`s writing style has also been criticized by South Park inventors Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In a 2006 interview, Parker and Stone explained that they didn`t like having their show compared to Family Guy. [70] After the "Cartoon Wars" episode aired, Parker said he received the support and gratitude of Simpsons and King of the Hill staff for the Ripping on Family Guy.

[71] The show was criticized for being too deridable from the Simpsons, both a working-class family of three children being an example. Several episodes of The Simpsons, including "Missionary: Impossible," "Treehouse of Horror XIII" and "The Italian Bob," mocked Family Guy, the latter two of which implied that MacFarlane Show was guilty of plagiarism. MacFarlane and Simpson`s inventor, Matt Groening, have both said there is no serious quarrel between the two and their shows. [72] [73] At San Diego Comic-Con International 2010, on July 24, 2010, Matt Selman, author of The Simpsons, jokingly referred to MacFarlane, and said, "Come on, Seth MacFarlane does a show three times." Selman later withdrew from the comment and added, "These shows are all really funny — they deserve to exist." [74] The animated film Bender`s Big Score, based on Groening Futurama`s show, contained a Family Guy calendar "12 Laughs A Year". In a comic crossover between Groening`s two shows, The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis, Family Guy character Brian Griffin is seen in a television in hell. [Citation required] In "It Takes A Village Idiot, And I Married One," released in 2007 as part of the fifth season of Family Guy, Lois Griffin decided to run for mayor against Adam West and played an over-the-top cuckoo version of himself. Her family supports her in her grass root campaign, but Peter, as usual, does more harm than good. Since Family Guy focuses primarily on the Griffins, there are always conflicts between the different members of the family. But instead of settling their differences through conversations like most ordinary people, Family Guy is used to making these differences physical and sometimes incredibly violent. This combat mentality spread throughout the series and offered the spectators several brutal and hilarious fights. These are just a handful of the great fights That Family Guy has fought over the years, and they probably won`t be the last.

Fox has already extended the series for the 18th season, which is expected to debut this year. After that, the future of the series will rest in the hands of Disney, now that the acquisition of Fox is complete. Homer and the Simpsons have already welcomed Disney into the family by strangling Mickey Mouse, so it will be fun to see what kind of response has Family Guy.