These state-based maintenance contracts may include individual or multiple services. We provide technical assistance; Upgrading the facility Renovation and refurbishment of your steam and gas turbines, compressors and motorized facilities; Investment Services (BOP). In summary, undated coverage significantly reduces additional contractual costs and makes the LTSA supplier responsible for work products that go beyond traditional warranties but vary widely depending on the parties and services covered, the degree of remedy and commercial aggressiveness during the negotiations. Extra work is most often defined as optional or outside the scope of the contract, for example. B`extension, upgrade or scope outside the contract. The extra work is usually done from predetermined prices with escalation, discounts from the current published price or at a price indicated according to the magnitude. This alert to customers aims to highlight some recurring problems and themes related to long-term raw material deliveries and equity agreements. It builds on the recent collective experiences of our lawyers, as well as developments in the law. Our service agreements improve your operating time. They offer: Sulzer is a customer-oriented company with a large-scale technical know-how. Our maintenance contracts ensure that you reach the maximum life and maximum value of your installation.

Once again, the inclusion of these items during the tendering process ensures a competitive price when they are needed in the future. Similarly, taking into account unknown technical problems through unanticipated coverage can help reduce risks. If you want to get expected domain items from a first-class provider, this option must be explicitly identified in the agreement. For example, if the Generatorrotor reaches its expected end of life during the term of the contract and the owner of the asset wishes, if necessary, to offer the scope of application in a competitive manner, this option must be indicated in the agreement or the supplier of LTSA is subject to the exclusivity of the provision of covered equipment. Simply put, an LTSA is a multi-year contract with volume, price and conditions. The range of an LTSA can range from an agreement on the price list in which the asset owner chooses the timing and scope of a pre-defined price list to a comprehensive agreement in which the LTSA operator unravels to determine the timing and scope of the validity. Agreements have many names and differ in the nomenclature by supplier. Typically, the most common names are long-term maintenance contracts (LTMA), major maintenance program (MMP), Master Service Agreement (MSA) or partial agreements, while an agreement controlled by the LTSA provider retains the name LTSA.

This document will focus on vendor-controlled agreements or LTSA. The scope of the agreement includes the commitment of the contract. If, for the duration of the contract, there was no additional scope, that would be the full value of the contract. In covered equipment, work can be wide or narrow in fixed circumference. Covered facilities can be, for example. B, the gas turbine, the steam turbine and the associated generators, the solid scope applying only to the (1) gas turbine as well as the inspection services of the steam turbine and generators (2) of all covered facilities or (3) of acceptable coverage between the parties.