(a) All improvements, furniture, devices, tools, machines, computers, software, assets, equipment, inventory, consumables, literature, business documents, files, maintenance documents, telephones, claims, insurance claims, claims and other personal items of the seller, including, but is not limited to the assets listed in Schedule A by reference. i. The seller`s activity and activity are carried out only properly and all obligations arising from the binding agreements for the seller are duly fulfilled; PandaTip: Use [Product Description] to indicate which resource is being sold. You can describe the asset and its condition later in the agreement. (e) The seller is the sole owner and has the full right and power to transfer the assets that are to be transferred under this agreement, all, provided they are expressly foreseen differently in this agreement (i.e. the pledge of the megabank), are free and free of any debt, receivables, mortgages, mortgages, guarantee agreements and other expenses, with the exception of what is stated below in this agreement. 4. Purchase price/base allowance. The purchase price of the assets acquired there is equal to the sum of "plus the resumption of liabilities, as attached to The Annex >B- and is added by reference (the "purchase price"). The purchase price is distributed among the assets covered by Form 8954 that must be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service after the closing date. 1. Buy and sell.

The seller hereby undertakes to sell to the buyer and the buyer hereby undertakes to acquire from the Seller all the seller`s tangible and intangible assets used in the seller`s restaurant and catering (the "assets"), as described below: (p) The seller has fully complied with and complied with all agreements, conditions and agreements to be respected by the Seller on or before the end date. (f) The seller is a company duly organized and valid according to the laws of the State of Georgia. The execution and delivery of the agreement by the ordering officers who execute and deliver it has been duly approved by the Seller`s Board of Directors and are not contrary to a provision of the Seller`s founding articles, by law or by a contract or other contract to which the seller is involved or which is or is mandatory for the seller. The buyer must pay the seller the sum of [number of dollars" as the purchase price of the above. The total purchase price must be paid in cash at closing. The seller is the current owner of [Product Description]. The company (hereafter "the buyer") wishes to purchase from the seller and the seller wishes to sell these products to the buyer only on the terms and conditions of this agreement, unless this has been agreed by both the buyer and the seller. Vi. Deeds, sales invoices, assignments and other transfer instruments delivered to the purchaser under this agreement were duly executed and delivered and good marketable property was transferred to the purchaser to the seller`s assets to be sold under that agreement. The buyer essentially wants to acquire all the seller`s assets, without the real estate and the characteristics that flow from it, with which the seller currently manages transactions, and to sell the bulk of the seller; and (v) This instrument contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the operations provided for this purpose.