Women in Punjab must pay 5% as a stamp duty if the property is registered only in the names of women, and 6% if it is registered collectively in the name of a man and a woman. In any event, if a lease is stamped with the advalorem stamp required for a lease agreement and if a lease is executed later under such a contract, the customs duties on that lease cannot exceed two rupees. the irreproachable debt securities issued by a corporation or other entity within the meaning of a registered mortgage security, duly recorded on the full amount of the bonds issued there, the company or entity lending loans that make all or part of its assets or agents in favour of the debt holders; bonds issued in this way within the meaning of that mortgage debt. Delivery of the lease if this lease is exempt. Statement-The term "Debenture" includes all associated interest coupons, but the amount of these coupons is not included in the tax estimate. Half of the imposition of a loan or debt under clause (a) (i) or clause (a) (ii) is due for the guaranteed amount. Stamp duty is the tax (in the form of taxes) on certain documents that have a monetary exchange on a transaction while these documents are being executed. Stamp duty is paid to the central government and the Punjab state government depending on the nature of the act. It is the third highest source of income for the state of Punjab.

Stamp duty is levied on the performance of documents such as sworn insurance, wills, certificates, certificates, bonds, gifts, leasing, adoption, etc. Stamp documents have different stamp values and any type of document/document must be executed on stamp paper of a specified value, depending on the type of document, location (state) and/or value of the transaction/property, in order to make this document enforceable and enforceable in court. To calculate the value of the required stamp paper, LegalDesk.com offers a stamp duty calculator that acts as a stamp duty guide that calculates stamp duty payable on rent and rental of real estate in Punjab or elsewhere in India. With our "Create a Rental Document" service, you can create your own custom rental contract from anywhere in India. The same obligation as a loan (No. 15) for the amount of the debt or value, as specified in the release. LEASE, including sublease or sublease and any lease or sublease agreement (i) if the amount of the loan or debt does not exceed Rs 200; If a property is registered in a woman`s name, lower stamp duty must be paid by the buyer in Punjab. Currently, buyers must pay 5% of the property costs in the form of stamp duty.

The tax remains the same if the land is jointly held by two women. If a common good is registered in the name of a man and a woman, the current stamp duty is 6% of the value of the transaction. The same obligation as other promotions (No. 23) for a consideration equal to t6o of the amount of the purchase money only. Respondentia Bond, that is, any instrument that provides a loan on the loaded cargo or is loaded on board a ship and that subordinates the refund upon arrival of the cargo at the destination port. Revocation of a trust or count See billing (No. 58). Confidence (No. 69).

The same obligation as other promotions (No. 23) imposed in this Act for consideration corresponding to the value of assets of the highest value, as stated in this instrument. What is stamp duty in Punjab Derabassi in July 2017 after the implementation of GST Paying half of the tax on a bond (No. 27) for counterpayment equal to the nominal amount of the bond. LegalDesk.com is your solution provider for all your legal, administrative and registration requirements. We have also set up an API for stamp duty payment, which can be used in the same way by businesses and individuals, in Punjab or in another state in India.