(g) The contract to participate in an institution`s program automatically expires on the date on which - 28) for each year in which the institution has a preferred lender agreement (in the sense of 34 CFR 601.2 (b)), it establishes at least an annual list of specific loans for loans, and makes available to students attending the university and the families of those students a printed list or in other medium. , insured or guaranteed under Title IV of the AEA or private training loans that the institution recommends, encourages or approves in accordance with this preferential lender agreement. When establishing such a list, the institution must comply with provisions 34 CFR 682.212 (h) and 34 CFR 601.10; 2. The agreement to participate in an institution`s program applies to each branch and any other location of the institution that meets the applicable requirements of this party, unless the secretary has decided otherwise. 3. When the secretary or institution announces an agreement to participate in the program covered in paragraph (f) of this section, the secretary sets the termination date. 1. It applies to all the legal provisions of Title IV of the EEA, to any applicable legislation imposed by that legal authority, and to all applicable agreements, agreements and restrictions under the statutes in force under Title IV of the EEA, including the obligation for the establishment to use the funds received under Title IV. , the HEA program and any interest or other gains that are intended exclusively for the objectives outlined in and in accordance with this program; 1.

With respect to an institution participating in a student hiring or admission activity or grant decisions, any institution or organization that recruits or welcomes students or decides on and accepts heA program funds for Title IV; and (1) An institution may participate in Title IV, the HEA program other than the LEAP and NEISP programs, only if the institution enters into a written agreement to participate in the program with the secretary on a form approved by the secretary. An agreement to participate in the programme: the initial and ongoing participation of an institution eligible for a title IV, HEA programme, in accordance with the provisions of that part, the specific provisions of the programme and all the additional conditions provided by the programme participation agreement that the Secretary requests from the institution. (B) For the purposes of paragraph b) (22) of this section, a worker who receives several adjustments to compensation in a calendar year, participates in a student registration or admission activity, or makes decisions regarding the award of Title IV, is subject to adjustments that have been made to the HEA program funds on the basis of the success of the guarantee of enrollment or granting of grants if these adjustments result in compensation which, to some extent, is based on compensation, directly or indirectly, in the event of successful registration or grants.