5 The owner may require that future payments in the event of a returned cheque be made in a form other than a personal cheque. 4. DEPOSIT: the deposit may not exceed twice the monthly rent of unfurnished apartments or triple the monthly rent of furnished apartments. The sum of the deposits mentioned above guarantees compliance with the conditions of this agreement and is refunded to the occupant within 21 days of the complete evacuation of the premises, less the amount necessary for the payment of the owner: a) unpaid rental, b) cleaning costs, c) key replacement costs; d) costs of repairing damage to dwellings and / or common premises on normal use and e) any other amount permitted by law in accordance with the conditions of this AGREEMENT. Commission, Pennsylvania, Agreement, Turnpike, Pennsylvania turnpike commission e zpass, Zpass, Pennsylvania turnpike commission e zpass agreement It is essential that you use the Move In/Move Out checklist in each of your California rental properties and for each rental. Using the list of moving checks at the beginning of the lease allows the lessor and tenant to note the condition of the property piece by piece. After the extract, another inspection will be completed, with the lessor and tenant noting the condition of each room in the property. This can prove to be a very important document in court if you need to claim damages on the property or if the damage is part of an eviction proceeding. Without the tenant`s signature, you do not have documentation of the agreement between you and the tenant on the condition of the property at the time of the tenant`s first move in. Rev 4.17 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission E-ZPass These Terms and Conditions of Sale constitute, together with the application, your E-ZPass agreement entered into and entered into by and between the applicant, the applicant and 1 True Help InterNetwork Corp.

This agreement is concluded in duplicate between owners If you are renting your California rental property, it may be necessary to add details to the lease, in which case the addendum to the lease form allows you to add these details to the lease. If you add the release form, you can prove the amount of the deposit withheld in case you withhold part of the bond for valid reasons such as damage to the property. 7 Only the people and/or animals listed below and others may live in the accommodation for more than 14 days, unless the explicit written consent of the owner is obtained in advance (the 14-day period may be extended by local rent control laws): _______.... .